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Unreal Tournament 2004 UPD

Unreal Tournament 2004 is a first-person arena shooter video game developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes. Part of the Unreal franchise, it is the third game in the Unreal Tournament series and the sequel to Unreal Tournament 2003.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Among significant changes to gameplay mechanics and visual presentation, one of the major additions introduced by Unreal Tournament 2004 is the inclusion of vehicles and the Onslaught game type, allowing for large-scale battles.[1]

The game is set in a universe where humans long before fought a war with the Skaarj, leaving their galactic empire in shambles. To assist in the rebuilding of the colonies by calming down enraged colonists, the Liandri Corporation came up with the idea of staging a gladiatorial tournament for the miners. The interest was so high that it grew into a sport, with sponsored teams battling in specially made arenas.

The game takes place as the Tournament enters its 10th year, Malcolm is back with his old team Thunder Crash and trying to reclaim his title as champion, Brock is back with the Iron Guard and trying for the glory of his own and Gorge and the Juggernauts are there to defend their title. Additionally, the Skaarj Empire has sent a team of their own to the tournament in search of honor and glory and ex-champion Xan Kriegor has had some modifications and is back to return the title where it belongs.

Unreal Tournament 2004 is a first-person shooter representing a fast-paced extreme sport of the future. The game, designed primarily for multiplayer gameplay, offers multiple ways of movement including double-jumping, dodge-jumping, wall-dodging and shield-jumping.[3] UT2004 also features an extensive array of weapons, all of which come with a secondary fire. Some of them were designed specifically for use in vehicle-based game types, and typically appear only in those game types such as the Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher (AVRiL) and the Grenade Launcher. More than 100 maps are included in the game for all new and existing game types.[4]

There are many vehicles available in Unreal Tournament 2004. Most of them make an appearance in the Onslaught game type, while a few feature in Assault. The full set consists of aircraft types and vehicles. There are also two spacecraft which only officially feature in one Assault map and different types of gun turrets which players can take control of.

Unreal Tournament 2004 was built with Unreal Engine 2.5 and the content of its predecessor, Unreal Tournament 2003. The game was developed by multiple studios, with Epic Games leading the project. Lead programmer Steve Polge described the role of each company involved:[6]

On February 11, 2004, a playable demo was released for multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux on x86-32 (February 13, 2004) and Linux on x86-64 (February 15, 2004). An updated demo version, including all the bug fixes from official patches and some original content, was released on September 23, 2004.

After being delayed from a late 2003 release,[7] Unreal Tournament 2004 was released on March 16, 2004, for the PC (Linux x86-32/x86-64 and Windows), the Mac OS X version (DVD only) followed on March 31, 2004. The version for Windows x86-64 was released as a downloadable patch on October 1, 2005. At release, consumers could purchase the game on CD, or a limited time special edition DVD version that came with a Logitech microphone headset and a second DVD filled with video-tutorials on how to use the included UnrealEd. A single DVD version with neither the microphone nor tutorials was also released in Europe. The CD version of the game came on six discs. On April 13, 2004, Unreal Tournament 2004 was re-released as a special edition DVD. The game in the United States included a $10 mail-in rebate requiring that a short form is completed and sent to the publisher along with a copy of the manual cover for Unreal Tournament 2003. Versions sold in the United Kingdom had a similar offer but required sending in the play CD for Unreal Tournament 2003 instead.

In summer 2004, Epic and Atari, in collaboration, released an XP Levels downloadable map pack, which included two Onslaught maps, ONS-Ascendancy and ONS-Aridoom.[8] The pack is free for download and use on any system capable of running the game.

On September 21, 2004, Atari released in stores the "Editor's Choice Edition" of Unreal Tournament 2004 which adds three vehicles, four Onslaught maps, and six character skins to the original game, and contains several mods developed by the community as selected by Epic Games. This extension (excluding mods) was released as a Bonus Pack by Atari on September 23, 2004, and is available for free download.

In November 2006, Unreal Anthology was released which bundles Unreal Gold, Unreal II: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament (Game of the Year edition), and Unreal Tournament 2004. On March 17, 2008, the game was released standalone and as part of the Unreal Deal Pack on Valve's digital distribution service Steam, followed later in the year by the "Editor's Choice Edition"[9] on

The soundtrack for Unreal Tournament 2004 was composed by Kevin Riepl, Starsky Partridge, and Will Nevins.[10] It contains grand orchestral scores, hard rock, and minimalistic electronic songs. The game also includes almost all tracks from Unreal Tournament 2003.

Unreal Tournament 2004 includes extensive modification support which allows users to easily create maps, models, game modes as well as various other additions to the game. The game features a flexible modification system which seamlessly blends custom content with the original, as well as allowing for easy tweaking of the game with the "mutator" system.

In 2004, Epic Games held the "Make Something Unreal Contest", which rewarded the creators of the best-submitted modifications with prizes in cash, computer hardware, and, ultimately, a license for commercial use of Unreal Engine 2 and 3.[11] Red Orchestra, a total conversion modification based on the Eastern Front of World War II and focused on realism-oriented gameplay, was the winner of the contest and is currently available as a retail title on Steam.[12][13]

Killing Floor was originally a total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, first released in 2005.[14] The retail release followed on May 14, 2009. Its sequel, Killing Floor 2, was released in 2016.

Upon release, Unreal Tournament 2004 was met with universal acclaim. Several critics praised the unique, fast-paced, fun and challenging nature of the game as its main selling points, while fans touted the post-release support and extensive modding capabilities. The game holds a score of 94% on GameRankings and a score of 93/100 on Metacritic.[19]

GameSpot named Unreal Tournament 2004 the best computer game of March 2004.[32] It received runner-up placements in GameSpot's 2004 "Best Shooter" and "Best Multiplayer Game" award categories across all platforms, losing to Half-Life 2 and Halo 2, respectively.[33] It was a runner-up for Computer Games Magazine's list of 2004's top 10 computer games. However, it won the magazine's "Best Multiplayer" award.[34]

  • Unreal Tournament 2004Unreal Tournament 2004 Box Art"Reload. Rev up. Ride out."Media typeVideogameRelease datesMarch 16, 2004 (PC - NA)

  • March 19, 2004 (PC - EU)

  • March 31, 2004 (Mac - World)

  • RatingESRB: M

  • OFLC: MA15+

  • PEGI: 16+

  • Preceded by Succeeded by CreditsSee the full list in the Credits section.Developed byEpic Games

  • Digital Extremes

  • Published byAtari

  • Producer(s)Cliff Bleszinski

  • Jeff Morris

  • Writer(s)Mike Wagner

  • Composer(s)Kevin Riepl

  • Starsky Partridge

  • Sound Design Group

  • Game InfoGenreFirst-person shooterPlatform(s)PC

  • Linux

  • Mac OS X

  • ModesSingle-player, MultiplayerEngineUnreal Engine 2Version3120-3372System requirementsWindows 98/ME/2000/XP, Linux 2.2+ or Mac OS X (Linux not supported by Atari)

  • Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz processor (Pentium or AMD 1.2GHz or greater recommended)

  • 128MB RAM (256MB RAM or greater recommended)

  • 5.5GB HDD space

  • DirectX version 9.0b (included on game disc)

  • 32 MB video card required (64 MB NVIDIA or ATI hardware T&L card recommended)

  • Windows compatible sound card

  • 8X CD-ROM or 6X DVD drive

  • Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported. Internet play requires a 33.6 kbps or faster modem (broadband recommended)

Input methodsKeyboard, Mouse, Joystick

Unreal Tournament 2004, also known as UT2K4 and UT2004, is the sixth installment in the Unreal series and the third installment in the Unreal Tournament series. The game was developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes, and was released on March 16, 2004 in North America.

UT2004 is basically an extension of the work done in Unreal Tournament 2003, retaining most of the maps, characters and gametypes from that release, tweaking various issues that were brought up, and adding a considerable amount of new content: nearly 50 new maps, vehicular combat, the Assault gametype which had been excluded from UT2003, and the new gametype Onslaught. The character roster also got a significant boost, with the notable addition of Liandri bots led by the former tournament champion Xan, as well as a team of Skaarj warriors.

Among significant changes to gameplay mechanics and visual presentation, one of the major additions introduced by UT2004 is the inclusion of vehicles and the Onslaught game type for multiplayer, allowing for large-scale battles.

The game features nearly every content from its predecessor, replacing it on the shop shelves. UT2004 boxes sold in the United States include a $10 mail-in rebate requiring that a short form be completed and sent to the publisher along with a copy of the manual cover for UT2003. Versions sold in the United Kingdom had a similar offer, but required sending in the play CD for UT2003 instead. 041b061a72


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