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1.What is Engage?:

"Engage" -  an introductory level class, designed for beginners, but also everyone who would like to focus on building strong foundations for other workouts. A slower pace of the class provides the opportunity to focus on proper form and correct execution of exercises. Here we will teach you how to engage your muscles to control your body and to get the highest quality of each movement. 


Types of exercises you can learn in Engage class:

- Footwork - working your legs while lying comfortably on your back

- Core exercises in simple and safe seated and kneeling positions

- Upper body exercises, that you may know from the gym, e.g. triceps, biceps curls, rowing, chest fly, etc...

- Delicious stretches for tight hamstrings, hip flexors and chest muscles.

2. What is Tone?:

"Tone" - an intermediate class that requires previous experience in reformer workouts. Exercises are meant to challenge your strength, control, and stability. The flow of the class involves more core exercises than Engage class, which puts more emphasis on your postural muscles.  


Exercises incorporated in Tone class:

- Challenging modifications of planks on a moving surface (aka "carriage"), to build strength from deep inside your core.

- Lots of lunges, squats, and demanding leg work.

- Twists and side bends, working the muscles you didn't know you have.

- Upper body exercises with the heaviest resistance you can handle, working your shoulders, chest and back muscles from the inside out.

3. What are private sessions?

Private sessions are conducted outside of the regular group class schedule. This type of training is perfect for someone who has never tried reformer before and would like to learn the proper use of the equipment and basic exercises. 


It is also a great way to work on a particular goal in a more private setting. The entire program is accommodated to your goals and needs, and the instructor's focus lands 100% on you for the duration of each session, which means the effectiveness of private training is much higher than the group class.

Tone FAQ



What type of classes do you offer?

At the moment we offer two types of group classes, Engage & Tone. Engage is suitable for all levels, including beginners while Tone class requires previous pilates reformer experience.

Is there an age limit?

Our classes are suitable for ages 16 and above.

I have never tried Pilates/Pilates Reformer before, what classes can I attend?

Safety and effective training are our priorities, therefore if it is your first time trying Pilates Reformer group class, we require you to attend a minimum of three Engage classes or three Personal Training sessions with one of our instructors.

Do I need any Pilates/Fitness experience to join Private / Personal Training sessions?

No, in case of Private Group or Personal Training, you do not need to have any pilates-related experience.

I have an injury, can I attend your classes?

If your doctor/healthcare practitioner clears you for physical activity, you are more than welcome to join. However, remember to let your instructor know about the injury in advance so she/he can look out for you and support you with any modifications necessary.

I am pregnant, can I attend your classes?

As much as we’d like to welcome you to all of our classes, the group Reformer is not suitable for any levels of pregnancy. We recommend Private Group training or Personal Training instead.

Do you offer classes in different languages?

At the moment all of our classes are taught in English. Should you require a different language, do contact our front desk staff for Private Group/Personal Training bookings.

Do you offer Private Group Classes or Personal Training?

Yes, we do offer both Private Group and 1:1 training. For more information contact our front desk staff or one of our Tone instructors.

I’d like to try only a few classes. Do you provide any introductory offers?

If you are joining our studio for the first time, we offer two different types of introductory packages. Please refer to the website for more information.

I’d like to try Personal Training with different instructors, is it possible?

Yes it is. To train with different instructors, you will need to purchase a separate package for each of them.

Can I use my Group Class package for Personal Training?

If you’d like to attend both Group and Private sessions, you will need to purchase separate packages.


What are the payment options?

We offer credit card and online payment options.

How can I book classes?

You can book any class via Babel Group App.

I purchased the wrong package, can I change it?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds in such cases, so please make sure you are booking the correct package before the purchase.

What does “Substitute” or “Waiting List” mean?

“Substitute” means that one of our instructors was unable to make it and the class will be run by someone else. “Waiting List” is created when the class booking is full. In case of any cancellation, you will have a chance to get a slot.


My plans changed / I have booked the wrong class. Can I cancel the class?

You can only cancel the class 12 hours prior. After that the class credit will be charged and no refund will be offered.

I missed the class, and forgot to cancel, what happens then?

As we don’t offer refunds within the 12 hours period prior to the class, your class credit will be deducted from your package and no refund will be offered.

How early should I arrive for the group class?

We recommend that you arrive at our studio at least 10-15 minutes prior to the class start time. We have a strict 5 minutes closed door policy. That means our instructors can refuse your entry if you are more than 5 min late. Your class credit will be deducted and no refund will be issued.

How early should I arrive for my Personal Training session?

As with our group classes, we recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes early. However, if you cannot make it on time, make sure to inform your instructor. The session will still end as planned, regardless of your arrival time.

What do I need to bring with me?

Grip socks are mandatory for every workout, as well as proper sports attire/comfortable clothing. We also recommend that you bring your own towel and a bottle of water. Sanitisers are provided at the site.

What happens if the class is cancelled?

You will be notified immediately and your class credit will be returned.

How do I get to Tone studio? Is there parking available?

If you’d like to visit us by public transport, we recommend the nearby LRT Ampang Park or KLCC stations. There are parking options available too, basement parking right under the Platinum Park or the open parking across the street.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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